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Dear ITS friends and partners around the world,

I am Dr. Shih Yi-Fang, 11th President of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Taiwan (ITS), and it is a pleasure to stay connected with all of you through our ITS Taiwan newsletters.

Since its establishment 23 years ago, ITS Taiwan has been thoroughly dedicated to promoting intelligent transportation systems in Taiwan and helping with the growth of ITS-related services and applications. With our support, a considerable amount of progress has been achieved in transportation-related smart technologies, such as V2X, telematics, Big Data, as well as in the field of digital transformation.

The dynamic, strong growth and development of intelligent transportation systems is a key national policy priority for the Taiwan government, which strives both for the achievement of the so-called 5S framework – seamless mobility, safer roads, smooth traffic, sharing of resources and sustainability – and, more broadly, for the vision of environmental friendliness and a genuinely human-oriented smart transportation network.

Taiwan has a global reputation of being the “Island of Science and Technology.” Both the Taiwan government and ITS Taiwan aspire to public betterment by making infrastructure more user-friendly, while establishing and integrating technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and other emerging transportation technologies. 

Promoting smart and intelligent systems is ultimately about creating a faster and more convenient transportation network for the public, thus improving quality of life and achieving stronger environmental protection. ITS Taiwan looks forward with excitement to a truly human-centered service system with a more interactive and intuitive transportation environment for our society. Such a system would greatly benefit our economy and contribute to a more vibrant smart transportation industry in Taiwan, while uplifting other sectors to develop intelligent transportation services and new business models together, and share integrated smart solutions with the world.