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A new step towards closer ties in the field of intelligent transportation systems was made on October 18 in Warsaw, Poland, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Taiwan and Poland. The Taiwan delegation, represented by CECI Chairman and ITS Taiwan President Dr. Shih Yi-Fang, signed the MOU with Mr. Marek Litwin, President of the Polish Intelligent Transportation System Association (ITS Poland). The signing ceremony was also attended by Taiwan’s Ambassador in Warsaw, Mr. Chen Long-Jin, as well as other members of delegations from both countries.  

The MOU aims to promote further cooperation between the intelligent transportation industries and enterprises of the two countries – broadening both parties’ global market development and mutual investment opportunities, strengthening technological and R&D exchanges, and the joint development of new innovative smart transportation solutions. This step is expected to empower companies and organizations from Taiwan and Poland to jointly pursue opportunities on the global stage and provide a complementary synergy to each other’s ITS industries.

At the signing event, Dr. Shih underscored the continuous efforts made in recent years by both CECI and ITS Taiwan in promoting international cooperation and development in such fields as smart city, intelligent transportation, electronic mobility, traffic control and others. The signing of the MOU with ITS Poland, also engaged in similar efforts in its country, will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for further collaboration and exchange between the two countries and their transportation sectors. 

He also added that Taiwan’s experience and innovation in ITS must be shared on the global stage to contribute to industry development and strengthen its position as a global leader in technology. Before Dr. Shih was elected as ITS Taiwan’s President in 2020, efforts at promoting international collaboration were led by Dr. Y.C. Chang, Managing Director of Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co, Ltd., who was also in attendance at the ceremony in Warsaw. 

Mr. Litwin, President of ITS Poland, also expressed his strong confidence in this bilateral relation in the field of ITS and the “win-win” nature of this commitment. Taiwan’s ambassador in Warsaw, Mr. Chen, stressed the historic significance of this new milestone in bringing the two countries’ investment, trade and cooperation closer together and pointed to the leading role of Taiwan’s technology in connecting it with societies across the world.