ITS Taiwan Award
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ITS Achievement Award
Dr. Chi-kuo Mao

ITS Application Award
Skyeyes Transportation Enterprise Resource Platform
SkyEyes GPS Technology Co.
Vehicle Information Center LUXGEN THINK+
Advanced Technology Laboratory ITS/Telematics Project 「Intelligent eBus System」
Application of RFID Technology for Management System of Intelligent Transport Station : A Case study of Taipei Bus Station
Wan Da Tong Enterprise Co., Ltd

ITS Paper Award
Dynamic Calibration and Occlusion Compensation Algorithms for Lane Tracking
Bing-Fei Wu, Chuan-Tsai Lin, Yen-Lin Chen
Design of Real-time Instant Information with the Multi-Threading of Heterogeneous Wireless Network for Telematics Services
Shing Tenqchen, Chin-Chieh Huang, Jian-Kai Chen, Chao-Haw Lee, Kuen-Rong Lo, Yung-Kuei Huang