ITS Taiwan Award
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ITS Achievement Award
Prof. Song-Tsuen Peng

ITS Application Award
Smartphone App "Fun Travel in Taipei"
Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government
Intelligent Transportation and Innovative Tourism Services System
Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories
The Application of Taichung Dynamic Bus Information System
Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government
Southern Traffic Control System Engineering Project of Integrated Freeway and Expressway Networks
Southern Region Engineering Office, TANFB

ITS Paper Award
Estimating Instant Traffic Information by Identifying Handover Patterns of UMTS Signals
Chih-Yi Chiang, Ju-Yin Chuang, Jian-Kai Chen, Chia-Chen Hung, Wei-Hui Chen and Kuen-Rong Lo
A Real-time Vision System for Nighttime Vehicle Detection and Traffic Surveillance
Yen-Lin Chen, Bing-Fei Wu, Hao-Yu Huang and Chung-Jui Fan
Travel Time Prediction Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Grey Theory: An Example of a School Bus
Huey-Kuo Chen and Che-Jung Wu