ITS Taiwan Award
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ITS Achievement Award
Mr. Douglas Tong Hsu

ITS Application Award
RSU-based Real-time Traffic Database System
Ministry of Transportation and Communications Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories
Attentive Service of Taipei E-Bus System
Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government
Taiwan High Speed Rail Multi-Channel Ticketing System
Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

ITS Paper Award
Deriving the Vehicle Speeds from Mobile Telecommunications Network
Ren-Huang Liou, Yi-Bing Lin, Yu-Long Chang, Hui-Nien Hung, Nan-Fu Peng and Ming-Feng Chang
Real-time Urban Traffic Sensing with GPS Equipped Probe Vehicles
Peng-Jui Tseng, Chia-Chen Hong, Tsung-Hsun Chang and Yu-Hsiang Chuang
A Systematic Spatiotemporal Modeling Framework for Characterizing Traffic Dynamics Using Hierarchical Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Entropy Analysis
Chih-Ming Hsu, Feng-Li Lian and Cheng-Ming Huang

ITS Industry Innovation Award
Electronic Toll Collection
Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. (FETC)